Emr delivers results! Working with us will be pleasant and secure experience.

Emr Express, Inc. recognizes Owner Operators as highly productive and resourceful individuals with entrepreneur spirit. It is those values that identifies the company.  If you promise something it has to be kept. Respect comes standard and is always given.

Working with the company is a natural experience, everyone at the office will know you by your name , you will have a personal dispatcher assigned to you to be your agent . His job will be to keep you informed about the current state of the markets and of course his job will be to maximize and leverage your asset so you can make more per each driven mile. A profile will be created by learning your habits and a custom solution crafted.

It is understood that each driver is a human and therefore is unique. Each driver has lanes that he or she prefers and certain places that he or she wants to avoid. Dispatcher will not force his loads to the driver.

Owner operator will have his personal fleet manager to assist him with any truck related issues like permits, maintenance needs, towing or breakdown need. Each driver will have a personal safety assistant to advise with any questions regarding dot regulations.

It usually takes 24 hour to get you setup with our company and start hauling freight.

Our owner operators gross $240000.00 and more per year

Owner Operators Offers

If you are not making money do not wait and switch to us right away, we will fix your situation and remember time is most valuable!

If you are not making money do not wait and switch to us right away, we will fix your situation and remember time is most valuable!

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Here is the description of how our plan works

  • Our services cost plans are as follow:

    •  -20% all included flat with our trailer
    •  -17% all included but without our trailer

  • Our trailers are well maintained utility dry vans 2013 and newer.

  • We offer fuel card with 21 day fuel credit and fuel savings.

  • Quick pay and Immediate pay options.

  • IFTA license and calculation is provided.

  • Easy to understand settlement report with direct deposit option available.

  • We offer owner operators a personal experienced dispatcher.

  • No forced dispatch or managed program it's driver's choice

  • To preserve a personal quality experience dispatcher does not have many trucks.

  • Get personal attention from company owner he always want to give advice to increase safety and revenue

  • Our dispatchers understand the market and know when and where to go.

    • They will shop owner operators around give many different options where to DRIVE.

    • They will create a peace of mind feeling that will last because driver just does't have to worry anymore instead focus on driving 

    • All dispatchers have minimum 5 years of experience, they are hand picked by company owner and always monitored to make sure they are generating the result for drivers every single day!

  • Drive Midwest region, south , southeast , east or northeast or a combination of all

  •  We are busy all year long SO NO WORRIES AND A STABLE INCOME

  • Average per mile for all miles is $2.50 cpm FOR DRY VAN and $2.50 cpm FOR FLATBED

  • Expected take home $3000.00-$4500.00.

  • Up to 3500 miles per week with weekend at home or more if you are staying out.

  • No long term contract and no surprises because we will always work hard to keep you happy with us.


  • We have at your service a 24hr monitored and paved parking yard , certified scale on site. We have cross docking/warehouse facility, All of this in one convenient location  ALSIP, IL 60803

  • Access to full service shop on site. Large savings on tires and other parts.

  • Diesel at our facility is cheapest in Illinois , fill up full tanks and enjoy Illinois IFTA savings every quarter. 

  • Owner Operators call us today 708-328-3542 Extension 3 Today or Apply Online.



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